Growing up in a family that was always baking, I had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. My mother baked since long before I was born and I was always eager to get involved with the process of treat-making (and stealing a taste or two along the way).

Fast-forward many years and that sweet tooth and love for confectionery stuck with me. My mother also passed down her meticulous attention to detail and appreciation for the visually stunning.

In creating Barbary Chocolates, my goal is to combine all of these things into one exquisite product that I can share with you. I came up with the name through my heritage. I spent most of my life in North Africa, in what used to be called the Barbary Coast. I’ve always loved the area, the history and the culture, and I wanted to find a way to tie that beauty and lifestyle into what I do, be it through flavours, designs, or just through the passion and energy that North Africa has always instilled in me.

I hope you enjoy eating these chocolates as much as I enjoyed making them.


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